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Financial Questions

  • Are franchises a good investment?

    Business Format Franchising is a hugely successful business model generating over £17billion to the UK economy. The success rate of franchise businesses is much higher than independent start-ups as you will be trading under an established brand name and replicating a successful business model.

    Of course, the success of any business irrespective of whether or not it is a franchise, will depend on how hard you work and the effort that you put in. We will discuss the earning potential in more detail at our first meeting. Below you will see three-year financial projections based on the actual achievements of our branches. As with most businesses it will take time to grow sales and profits however we would expect successful franchisees to consistently achieve a six figure income level.

  • How much can I make as a Safehands Franchisee?

    The success of your franchise will depend on your hard work and dedication to making the business a success. However, below you will see three-year financial projections based on the actual achievements of our current branches.

    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
    Total Sales £695,000 £1,560,000 £1,740,000
    Total Cost of Sales £562,950 £1,263,600 £1,409,400
    Gross Profit £132,050 £296,400 £330,600
    Operating Costs £114,631 £187,348 £199,472
    Pre-Tax Profit £17,419 £109,052 £131,128

    Please note, the figures above are projections only. They are not intended to be, nor should they be taken as guarantees of future sales or profits which will depend on the individual performances of franchisees.

  • Do clients prefer franchised businesses over independently owned ones?

    As a franchisee you actually have two facts to quote to potential clients. Firstly, you are an independently owned business, even though you trade under the same Safehands brand name. This will appeal to those potential clients who like to deal directly with the business owner.

    The second fact is that you are part of a larger group all branded as Safehands Recruitment. This appeals to clients who feel that dealing with a ‘corporate’ business is their preferred choice.

Popular FAQs

  • What areas are available?

    Safehands franchises are available across the whole of the UK.

    However, it is important to note that we currently have branches in:

    • Bristol
    • Cardiff
    • Cheltenham
    • Hereford
    • Leeds Bradford
    • Staffordshire
    • Surrey
    • Telford
    • Worcester
  • What is a recruitment agency franchise?

    A Recruitment Agency’s role is to assist clients by finding them suitably qualified staff for a range of both permanent and temporary positions that are vacant. Conversely this will also assist job seekers who are looking for employment, seeking to change jobs or who prefer the variety of temporary contracts. A Recruitment Agency Franchise will trade under the brand name of the Franchisor (in this case Safehands Recruitment) and replicate their operating model. Operating under a franchise model greatly increases your chances of success.

  • What is a healthcare recruitment agency?

    A Healthcare recruitment agency is a ‘niche’ recruitment business that specialises in finding staff purely within the healthcare sector. This could be nursing professionals, through to care home workers, domiciliary carers, support staff and more.

  • What do I need to start a recruitment franchise?

    Whilst previous experience within recruitment or health care is potentially an advantage, it is not a necessity. An aptitude for business development, especially within the B2B sector would also be regarded as being a transferable skill into the recruitment industry.

    The Safehands Induction Training Course will teach you about the healthcare industry and how a successful recruitment business operates. This will cover systems, administration, legalities and sales and marketing.

    Running a recruitment franchise will require a suitable premises, so an office will be needed. As with any business, you will need sufficient capital, either via existing funds or a business loan to support the franchise in the early days until it becomes profitable. The team at Safehands Franchise will help you every step of the way in accessing funding and starting your own franchise.

  • Can you start a recruitment agency with no experience?

    As we mentioned above “Yes you can”! Success within recruitment depends more on who you are as a person as opposed to what your previous work experience has been. Can you build business relationships with clients? Do both candidates and clients trust you to work hard on their behalf? Can you multi-task? Do you have an understanding of management accounts and P & L? Finally, are you persistent. Not every client will say “Yes” the first time you ask for business so you need to persevere.

  • Do I need a licence to start a recruitment franchise?

    Most Recruitment Agencies in the UK do not need to be licensed. However, some specialist agencies may require to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

    The team at Safehands will discuss licensing with you in detail, ensuring that you are legally compliant when starting your own business.

  • What support will I get from Safehands?

    As a Safehands franchisee you will benefit from the back up of a recognised brand and a team of experienced individuals dedicated to supporting your business. You will have access to marketing and branding resources, support and training, access to resources and tools and more.

    As your franchisor Safehands are committed to working with you to help grow your business during the lifetime of your franchise.

  • Will I have to find my own clients?

    The growth of any recruitment business relies on its ability to attract, maintain and build strong relationships with existing and new clients.

    The Safehands brand has built an excellent reputation within the healthcare sector over the last decade and this reputation will produce business opportunities within your territory. However, this is your business, so the responsibility partly lies with you to develop your client base.

    Existing relationships with national clients will also generate business. Building a substantial client base will be a joint effort between you as the franchisee and Safehands as your franchisor.

  • What clients do Safehands support?

    As specialist healthcare recruiters, it is our role to support clients within the healthcare sector. This includes helping organisations such as the list below, in finding highly skilled and dependable staff.

    • Care & Nursing Homes
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Hospitals both NHS & Private
    • Childcare Facilities such as Nurseries
    • Care Agencies
  • Why should I consider franchising vs starting on my own?

    Business Format Franchising is based on replicating a successful and tried and tested business model. This means that you dramatically increase your chances of success. (Less that 1% of franchisees commercially fail according to the latest NatWest/British Franchise Association Survey.)

    Due to franchising’s high success rates banks like lending to franchises, making funding easier to access (typically up to 50% of the required funds including working capital.)

    Finally, although you 100% own the business, you are 100% guaranteed not to be on your own. You will receive support from a team who want you to succeed. This could be through initial and ongoing training, as well as access to centralised systems, branding and marketing. Read our franchise vs start up blog for more information.

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