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Your own recruitment franchise

Make a difference with a Safehands recruitment franchise

How many recruitment businesses supply staff that will potentially improve and even save lives? That’s what we do at Safehands Recruitment!

Safehands team event


The advantages of running a Safehands recruitment franchise

A career as a Safehands franchisee can be dynamic, rewarding and profitable. Every day is different, and you’ll be able to make a genuine difference in the lives of your clients. Get in touch today and find out why franchising with Safehands might be the right move for you.

  • You’ll receive comprehensive, supportive training
    One of the key benefits that comes with a Safehands Franchise is the training and support that you’ll receive from us in return for your investment. More often than not, franchisees don’t need any prior industry experience in order to succeed as a Safehands franchisee.
  • You’ll have the chance to truly help people in need
    Safehands specialise in supplying staff that truly make a difference to the less fortunate section of our community. The candidates that we supply could be Care Workers looking after the elderly, Childcare Assistants playing a vital role in allowing parents to continue working to support their families, Nurses, true heroes in healthcare as well as the administrative staff who provide the back-office support. How many other roles in recruitment can give you the satisfaction of providing staff that are actually improving and possibly saving people’s lives?
  • You’ll be your own boss, while taking on less risk
    Firstly, let’s clear up one misconception: as a franchisee you own 100% of your business. Safehands are simply here to provide training, support and guidance. Starting any business has risks, but franchising dramatically reduces that risk. Statistically, independent start up businesses have a 50% failure rate within the first five years. The most recent survey into franchising by NatWest Bank and the British Franchise Association listed the commercial failure within franchised businesses to be less than 1%. Those statistics are why banks favour lending to franchised businesses and are often willing to fund up to 70% of the required capital.
  • Demand is continuing to rise in the sector
    Demand for your product or service is the lifeblood of any industry. All sectors of the Healthcare industry are predicted to grow and require additional staff. Hospital admissions are on the increase (irrespective of Covid) meaning a demand for more nursing staff. We are living longer resulting in an increase in Domiciliary Care Workers. The cases of Dementia are rising requiring additional specialist carers. The increase in demand across the whole spectrum of healthcare will ensure a continual long-term requirement for the services that Safehands provides.

What it involves

Passion & drive spell success with Safehands
We are extremely proud of the Safehands brand and as you might expect we are therefore very selective in whom we grant franchises to.

Recruitment is a fast paced and demanding industry requiring individuals who want to own a challenging but rewarding business. Do you think that you meet some or all of the following criteria?

Experience within the care sector
A background in the recruitment industry
A successful track record of business development
The willingness to follow a successful operating system
People management ability
A passion for customer service
Your role as a recruitment franchise business owner

Your role as a Safehands franchise owner is undoubtedly challenging, but hugely rewarding.

 Your responsibilities will include managing your own branch colleagues as well as your candidate base.

Attracting, interviewing and assessing candidates forms a major part of the role. And developing ongoing relationships with clients is crucial in order to gain the vacancies. Ultimately, you will fill those vacancies with suitable candidates and generate an attractive income stream for your franchise.

How does franchising work?

You are the business owner. You manage your own business. You keep the profits.

As with any business you have to work hard in the early years to grow turnover and profits. The difference is that your hard work is directly benefiting you and not a corporate employer. 

A successful Safehands franchise can generate significant profits, affording you a lifestyle you wouldn’t have had in an employed role. You will have the full backing of an experienced team within the industry to support you in achieving your goals.

Importantly, by growing a successful business, you will be creating an asset with realisable future sale value when / if you choose to move on.