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Invest in a healthcare recruitment franchise

Why healthcare recruitment?

Healthcare never sleeps and the demand for healthcare professionals is on the rise. Fulfill your business dreams and invest in a profitable and rewarding industry.


What’s happening in healthcare recruitment?

The UK Healthcare Market

The demand for healthcare staff across all sectors is continually growing.

This is an exciting time to be part of the healthcare recruitment industry. The UK is continuing to make huge strides in healthcare technology and data analytics, opening more opportunities and creating more jobs.

In a post-pandemic world and with an ageing population, demand for UK healthcare services is intensifying. The Government’s subsequent pledges to invest heavily in the sector means more healthcare jobs and healthcare recruitment prospering.

According to Skills for Care, by 2023 the healthcare industry will have created between 350,000-700,000 new jobs.

£5.7 Billion revenue per year
1.58 Million jobs in the sector
19% Increase in jobs since 2009
21-44% Growth projected by 2030

The recruitment of healthcare professionals increased by 80% in 2020

What to know

Why buy a healthcare staffing agency franchise?

When buying any successful franchise you are automatically reducing all the risks and labour intensity that come with growing a start-up. What’s more, if the sector is thriving, so will your franchise.

The UK’s healthcare industry is resilient and rapidly growing, so you can be assured of a sound investment.